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Why your gaze so sweet,

It makes the heart take leap?

With longing, with knowing deep,

Your ears cocked up, our eyes first meet.

You take me in, into your garden fair;

The grass strewn with flowers,

To pick them, I should not dare -

For no desire have I to break your stare.

No, I wish not to disturb the scene

Of you, lying there, your face so keen;

You have me locked into your space -

At once so regal, so full of grace.

Copyright Catherine Alette Clover, 2020


The lily white, its purity refined,

All that, for love remains fully tied:

To the sacred soul the Lord blesses bright

He bestows no darkness to hinder the sight

Of His presence so near; His glory in the light

That spills forth, its warmth and might - 

Always sheltering us, and protecting from on high,

His Son's mercy given so that no man might die,

Without knowing His grace, sent from above:

Our Father's greatest gift, our one pure love.

In the shadow of Heaven’s glorious gates,

Our souls are left to contemplate:

The earthly love we shared as one,

A perfect vision of what is given by His Son.


O Holy Father, receive us as we are:

Mere mortal men who wish never to stray far

From Your blessed Trinity, Your perfect family,

You guard and protect us for all eternity.


For it is Your divine love that provides us peace,

When in forsaking all others we cannot cease,

The disruptive doubts that cloud our thoughts,

And create such unwieldy knots.


Help us to break free and live without

The strains and burdens that cause us to shout

In fear and pain; our loved ones seek refuge near

Out of such unhappiness that shall cost us dear.


Provide us Your wisdom, call us to You:

For only Your divine mercy can make us anew.

It is Your presence that we seek,

In times of trouble, when we are so weak.


By Your redemption and grace,

Eternal love shall fill this place,

For if we unite our souls through You, 

Our love will be renewed.

Copyright Catherine Alette Clover, 2020




From the deepening shadows grows,

A chorus of male voices -

Their highs and their lows -

Unaccompanied in full plainchant.

Against the flicker of soft candlelight,

Comes a sound so holy, so full of God's might -

First from one side, then repeated on the other,

With eyes closed I listen; my heart is aflutter.

For in every note, sung with precision,

Comes the response of scripture

Achieved with such vision;

My soul is indeed enraptured.

As the service of Compline comes to a close,

Their chanting now ceased,

In silence, the men file past in straight rows:

Darkness now lightened, the Lord's glory exposed.

Copyright Catherine Alette Clover, 2020




O what simple joy I take,

To hold thy hand in mine,

And hear thee speak my name:

For thy attentive love will always remain.

Take my hand, and fear thou not,

Love's tender kiss will not be fought;

Come, follow me, cast thy doubts aside,

For in thy mighty fortress shall I abide.

Copyright Catherine Alette Clover, 2020

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