The Templars Garden, Book 1 in the Maid of Gascony Series
Like as the Hart: Music for The Templar's Garden Choir of New College Oxford

"...Clover's world is so vivid, nuanced and historically well informed, and the narrative voice of her protagonist, Lady Isabelle  d'Albret Courteault, uncannily authentic. Unusually, here is also a book where choral polyphony swirls and echoes through the pages, specifically Ockeghem’s sublime setting of Psalm 42.   This is a great debut, and the reward is doubled if you pair the book with the Choir of New College, Oxford’s  CD  Like as the Hart.  Singing doesn’t get much better than this! Both book and CD will remain with me like a cloth of gold."


Benedict Warren 

Assistant Producer,  BBC Symphony Orchestra

“… I’ve just read a new novel by Catherine Clover called The Templar’s Garden, which comes with an accompanying CD, .... I loved the novel, narrated in the first person by a medieval damsel called Lady Isabelle and set in the 1400s in castles and monasteries, and I’m addicted to the CD, sung by New College Choir... More CDs to accompany books, please. A walking guide of Germany, perhaps, with accompanying Bach cantatas?”


Ysenda Maxtone Graham

Author of British Summer Time Begins and Terms & Conditions: Life in Girls’ Boarding-Schools