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On my recent pilgrimage to Wales...

I was thrilled to be on pilgrimage to St Davids this autumn, following the trail of Gerald of Wales once more. As a writer of historical fiction I find that being in the places where my stories are set brings that world alive for me. The locations are incredibly important to my stories; getting the details of the narratives just right can only be achieved by taking the time to walk the paths my medieval characters would have taken, seeing what they might have seen, having daily encounters with those in the communities that have existed for a millennia or more. On this particular trip I was able to spend time in Wales and England, and in my next few posts I will share a little of those visits with you.

Even though the visit was brief, it was wonderful to be unplugged and free from the overly taxing world of tech and techies that surrounds me when I am based in Silicon Valley. I return to St Davids often now in my memories of the days spent soaking up the rich history of Pembrokeshire. The walk down the winding hill from my cottage to the cathedral and bishop's palace are a true pleasure, as are the local pubs. I am already looking forward to the next trip! Perhaps after the launch of book two next fall?

St Davids at sunset, after evensong in the cathedral.



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